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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wow! this thing is still here and apparently works! How shocking! Its like walking into a garage full of old motorcycles and the first one you try to start fire right up after god knows how long. Ok, well maybe not that cool.

Not much to sy right this moment. Soon though.

BTW, D&D 3.5 is much cooler than the last time I played. Take that THACO!!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Greetings from Alaska. I'm once again in the land that Target forgot. That's OK though, I had lots of fun at numerous Targets in the Osh-Vegas area. Thanks again to all the Bad Guys/Royal Hawaians for making my holiday season perfect. I saw a punk show and ate cheesy poof all in the company of great friends. I also was reminded that I really need to play pool more often if I want to not suck so much. And many thanks to all of you for the lovely birthday things. I've been wearing all of the geeky T's and numbing my mind with hours of PIRATES! I've already killed off blackbeard.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Forgive me blogger for I have not posted.....since.....um....a fucking long time ago ok!

I just got done watching "Still Crazy" If you have not seen it it is worth a watch. Billy Connelly is a hoot.

Otherwise, the snow is cold in Alaska. I'm attempting to counteract this by learning to weld. It makes things very hot. I only get burned a little and only sometimes.

Remember a couple years ago when I thought Avril Lavigne was the bomb? Well I'm totally over her. No interest at all. She got down with a shitty rapper on a magazine cover and that was it for me. She might as well have torn up a picture of the pope, no wait, that would have been cool. Unfortunately, Sinade beat here to it and sucked way before it ruined her career.

Oh, I'll be back in the O-town on the 16th of December. Is there excitement? Well I'm excited anyway.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Howdy folks! Good new recieved this week: I have been selected for a promotion. Go me! Never a bad thing. I've been riding my motoscootmobile a lot lately as my truck is in the shop. I'm glad the weather is nice. I like to think that I'd have ridden the bike anyway, but I know the truck is too tempting with its radio and cup holder many days that are perfectly acceptable riding weather. 180k and still kickin, she's a tough old bike. We'll see if she makes the 250k mark that is apparently common in '80's BMW's.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Who would have ever guessed that the smell of fresh tennis balls mixed with wet dogs could ever bring such joy.

Shit, that felt like a Doogie Houser moment.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Go ahead, say it "that beej is the lamest MF there is" I know it's true. I suck for not posting in so long. I do, however, check everyone else's blogs frequently. Just because I'm bad about posting doesn't mean I'm out of touch. I'm both hip and with it, whatever "it" is I'm all over it like stink on me.

My lack of posting is, and this is not a valid excuse mind you, because my life is generally boring to others. I work, traveling to places that sound interesting and exotic only to find that they are just cold, rainy Alaskan towns. I do a gig and then bail. Rinse and repeat. Not that I'm harshing my gig, I like my work. Its just not all that interesting to anyone else. I shoot my various antique guns, make bullets for them from old wheel weights. I play with my dogs. A nice rut that I enjoy, an ass groove in the couch of life.

On the interesting side of things:
-My Japanese pen pal Masa is very sorry he can't visit this year. The Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) is going to Germany for maneuvers instead of Alaska. Perhaps next year.
-I recently finished "sergeant school" and I'm back to work after 6 weeks of ridiculous military education. However, I did meet some nice people in the class and have some semblance of a social life again for the first time since I left Oshkosh.
-I have adopted a new 1987 Mazda truck that and it should be roadworthy soon after some major engine surgery. It will replace my Isuzu which has become tiresome.
-All is well with the puppies. They are big and energetic. Both can roll over and if you point your finger at them and yell "bang" they will flop over as dead as a dog can look with a still wagging tail. Close enough for me.
-The wife is working at an odd museum that features old vehicles of all types. She's not in to trains and fire trucks, but what the hell, its a museum and that's her deal.

More later, but hopefully not too much later.

BTW, just taught the blogger spell check the word "blogs" life now complete.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Greetings form the frigid North! Skiing came and went uneventfully. To my surprize the scariest part was the chair lift. There is no good reason for them to go so high. I tumbled like a drunken clown and learned how to turn to avoid things like the poles that hold up the chair lift. Went moderatly fast that way and when something got in my way I turned and then tumbled until snow went down my back. Perhaps better next time

Puppy #1 is recovering nicely from knee surgery. Two months of no runnin or jumpin or nuthin that puppies love. Lots of time for obedience training. She is getting pretty good at that stuff though, all except for come. She's a little slow with the coming. Most girls are, but usually not so much with me. First time for everything.

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